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What Our Clients Say

Last winter, our company was called upon to lead the cleanup effort after a local elementary school suffered extensive smoke damage. Crews worked 96 hours, around the clock during the restoration project. As we always do, I called Richard with Superior Floor Care to put the finishing touch on the building. Richard arrived with his crew around 8:00PM on a Sunday night, and by the time school’s faculty and staff arrived in the morning, they were afraid to walk on the floors… they thought they were still wet! Actually, the floors were fully dry but the shine was remarkable to say the least. The school’s 20-year-old floors had never looked so good! Superior Floor Care takes great pride in what they do and it shows in their work ethic, customer service, and final product. Thank you, Richard, for everything you do for us and our customers!!

Cory Bates

I’ve had a commercial janitorial company in Johnson County KS. For the last 16 years.
Superior floor care has always done all of our special floor work. Their work is truly superior as the name says. I can always count on them to get the job done. The quality is top notch. I’ve tried others and they don’t stack up. It pays to stick with the best.

Gail, Gail’s Pro-Clean